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SOFT RADICLE  (2022- ongoing)

Soft Radicle is an artistic research collaboration between Niki Colclough (Manchester, UK) and Perla Ramos (CDMX, Mexico).

To be soft is to be fluid, vulnerable and open to the feelings / situations of others, a radicle is the first stage of germinating seed. Together Soft Radicle is a collaborative approach to art making that allows space for dialogue and exchange that is safe, warm and promoting of growth.

Their working methodology includes; walking, collecting, mapping, writing and site-specific installation. They consider the relationship that they are building to be the foundation of the work - exploring relatedness to each other (across the binary of colonised / coloniser) and to local and global communities, as well as collaborations with land and that we know as ‘nature’. A shared interest in the role of art in public spaces led us to begin a joint research project into the role that art plays in connecting people with the natural elements of place, drawing on the past, present and future. Situated on different continents, the digital space is vital to this commitment to create together - 

In 2022 they hosted workshops, walks (including a nature healing ceremony) in Mexico City. In 2023 they contributed to the Field Trip publication for the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts Hinterland exhibition and presented a conference-workshop "Soft Radicle. Exchanges of Language(s), Culture and The Weight of Heritage at the ‘On not Knowing. How Artists Teach’ conference held at the Glasgow School of Art, in partnership with Helsinki Arts University.

SUAVE RADÍCULA (2022- a la fecha)

Suave Radícula presenta la primera etapa de una colaboración en curso entre las artistas Niki Colclough (Reino Unido) y Perla Ramos (MX). Tomando su nombre de la primera etapa de la germinación de la semilla, una 'radícula' es un signo de crecimiento. Suave Radícula habla de un lugar donde el arte puede desafiar suavemente los estados de las cosas, abriendo nuevas formas de conversar e intercambiar formas de habitar. El comienzo de un proyecto que pregunta: cómo…

In November 2022 we hosted a bi-lingual public programme and exhibition ‘Soft Radicle’ in Mexico City in order to open up the conversation more widely with people who had a unique view of the city and it’s streets - including members of Mi Valedor

El punto de partida-inicio fue el mismo que el punto de llegada-final. Una casa muy antigua en remodelación.

Les dimos la bienvenida en la calle para caminar juntas y juntos, después pasamos por varios momentos y texturas: mi casa es tu casa; el ombligo de la luna; la cocina: petricor; cuarto 1: caminar y recolectar; cuarto 2: plantas progreso.

Noviembre, Ciudad de México, 2022.

Fotografías: Israel Carrión 


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